Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Studying a great Master.

Done today in mixed media. I witnessed scenes like this infront of large paintings at National Gallery,London every time I went there. The painting of "Large bathers" by Paul Cezanne is being admired and studied by a group of friends .Of course the "Large Bathers" at NG was a different one...Cezanne painted a series of 'Bathers 'and 'The Large Bathers' were done towards the end of his life.It seems he was trying to come to terms with his 'repressed sexuality'..a fact made famous by his childhood friend Emile Zola through his novel "The Masterpiece" the story of the protagonist in this novel is based on the life and personality of Cezanne.(the usual story of a writer sacrificing his friendship on the alter of fame :-(. Paul Cezanne ended his more than three decades old friendship with Zola after the publication of this novel. Picasso and other later artists were inspired by these works of Cezanne. Link

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Piccadilly underground station on a busy winter evening.
Piccadilly lit up by neon lights --a bigger attraction now than the good old statue of 'Eros'.

A post (Write up ) that appeared in relation to my show 'Where the green grass grows'. I had forgotten to save in the blog.

For all those who are aspiring to become a ‘somebody’, there cannot be a better real-life example than that of 65-year-old Usha Ramachandr...