Friday, April 18, 2014

The Fear Factory

It has been long since I wrote in my blog and it has been 4 years, I  think, since I used oils to paint.Here is a painting I did  a few days back.This year's election to national parliament ,  (is special mainly  because we have a leader who is boldly asking the voters to vote for him and make him the Prime Mininister ,a person who has been accused of encouraging riots and killing muslims  under his govt---rightly or wrongly, for the past 10 years.He has been cleared of these charges by the Supreme court)was at the back of my mind as I took up the brush.It is not commen in India to proclaim one's ambition unabashedly as he has done.The voters are confused.They have not much choice.The party that rules now, run by dynastic elements has  let them down very badly and there is a motley crowd of 13 or more small regional parties who promise to come up with a 'front' if they are elected and there is Mr Modi of BJP which leads an alliance of like minded parties.Almost forgot that there is a new party just born as the elections were announced to Delhi assembly.Aam Admi Party which came into being with great promise and hope for people like us but very soon showed up to be mere hot air.We just heard one of its female muslim candidates asking her community not to be "so secular this time"...!!!As the days of electionioneering progresses I see how people are being manipulated using all the tricks they have at their disposal."Fear" is the most affective one among the tricks in their bag.The SP leaders from UP have threatened the hundreds of untrained and half uneducated primery school teachers that they will loose their jobs if the SP candidates are not voted in.The MLA from Baramathi ,Maharashtra has threatened to cut off water supply to homes if NC cadidate is not voted in as MP...!The fear of muslim minority that they will be put to hardship and riots will follow if BJP is voted in is exploited to the hilt..........just as Modi promises that he will not follow the 'policy of appeasement' but will put the national interest first,his close aid tells the people to take revenge!..Less said about Thogadia and the likes the better...........It is as though there is a 'fear factory' with branches all over India.Vote in fear not in hope !!

A post (Write up ) that appeared in relation to my show 'Where the green grass grows'. I had forgotten to save in the blog.

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