Thursday, December 07, 2006

Angry, so will protest .

Picture of an angry fish seller leading a protest and 'road blockades' yesterday morning at a suburb of Trivandrum--Kumarapuram.This is a thickly populated part of city and the corporation wants to move the fish and vegetable market.But that would not be an easy task--as you can see from the lady's expression :-). Umpteen number of such protests take place in Trivandrum every week ,or should I say every day.The roads near the Secretatiate of Kerala are packed with protesters to the great hardship of the motorists and pedestrians.It has become a tourist attraction of a different kind of "God's Own State" almost like its 'health and ayurvedic tourism'.Hope some smart travelagent will make good use of the shows put up by various groups protesting so colourfuly .Unfortunately it is not an annual show like our 'snake boat races'. People of Kerala-the malayalees.....Ah, we are such a special people. :-).Our presence is felt all over the world. Kerala is the land where Islam entered peacefully.The Jews felt safe and welcome.They could practice their faith with self respect here.Christian missionaries were given land and honored and given a free hand to preach and convert by the hindu rajas of Malabar,Cochin and Travancore.And we are all still one--first and foremost "malayalee".We were the first to elect a communist government too, to rule us.Very few can beat us in the matter of literacy too. And no people can be as suspicious and egocentric as the malayee in his own home land :-).That is my opinion. I will try to put up more paintings of our protesters.
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