Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kudiyattam or koodiyattam --a painting

This is a painting done in impasto style using acrylic on canvas.
I got the idea when I read the news of the sad demise of Koodiattam Maesto Ammannur Madhava Chakyar (1917-2008) at Trichur.
Madhava Chakyar was one of the greatest modernday exponent of Koodiyattom,a centuries old art form of Kerala..forerunner of Kathakali.
His role as Bali in 'Bali Vadham' based on Bhasa's play 'Abhisheka Natakam' was a celebrated one.
By the way,did not Rama kill Bali as a political expediency rather than to serve 'dharma' as was claimed?According to the the popular belief SriRama intervened
on behalf of Sugreva in a most 'unrama' like way --hiding behind a tree and shooting an arrow at Bali killing him and thus winning the undying gratitude of Sugreva and devotion of Hanuman ,both so invaluable in freeing Sita.
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