Monday, November 27, 2006

Artist ,idiology and activism.

A painting of mine.This is more than 25 years old.Do not remember the year exactly for it is not now with me. Paintings, should they have a message?Should they reflect the turmoils in the society? (it usually will reflect in the work of the artist if his mind is in turmoil :-) Or should it be an instrument of social change?Should it have an idiology?Should art be used as a tool or is it solely for self-expression of the artist?Won't all these burden an artist and his work? Can he be true when he works for an 'audience'? Will not the need to be popular affect his work,ultimately . These should be debated.

An artist will be at his best when he is left free,no doubt.With the state breathing down on his back how does he work?But when he has no quarrel with" the state's idiology " then obviously he has no problem.Can that state last for long? Sooner than later the powers that be will meddle and remind him of his" duty".Will that not affect his artistic development?

All said and done-the artists of communist Rassia did produce some very fine works. Modern works and realistic ones . Here are a couple of paintings from Communist Russia.

This painting on left is by Nikolai Ippolitovich Dt 1957,called"Before the Storm"

The one below is called"Builders of G.E.S Brotherhood(1961) by Viktor Efimovich Popkov.
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