Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thoughtful brahmin

I present here a figurative painting I did recently in acrylic based on one done many years ago,nearly 30 years ago during my student days.I hope I can put up that original painting too soon. This picture represents a brahmin.But you dont be surprised to know that the person who inspired me to paint this was a Muslim neighbour of ours at Bangalore.Those were the days when Bangalore was really 'a city of gardens'.There were great open places around besides the well laid out gardens.There were open spaces around the bungalows .The pace of life was leisurely.This gentleman who lived in our neighbourhood was a 'land -lord' that is made his living by collcting rent on the numerous buildings he owned ,and could be found leaning on the wall of his huge compound most afternoons looking at the people passing by on the road.Hope it looks interesting :-).

Sold by 'Suryakanthi Art Gallery ' ,Trivandrum.
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