Monday, February 19, 2007

'Ganga snaan' of Naga Sadhus.

This is a sketch of 'naga sadhus' on paper with graphite pencil.
Sadhus or holy men in Hinduism belong to many sects .Once they join a sect after their rite of 'initiation' they are considered 'dead'as far as their life till then is considered.
As sadhus they begin a new life.The life they led till then is considered their'poorva janma' and as sadhus they are reborn again.
These sadhus are at their morning snan- in Gaga on the occasion of 'ardh kumbh mela'which occured in Jan this year.
As we know 'naga sadhus' cover themselves only with holy ash or'bhasm'.They are one of the earliest sect of sadhus in India.Even in the extreme cold of the Himalayas they cover them selves only in ash.They seem to lead a happy life.
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