Friday, February 09, 2007

Refuge from terror .

The news papers report the mad killings of civilian unarmed non -assameese population , all over the State of Assam so often that they are now taken for granted ,or not noticed by the majority of our citizens any more,I think. This has become such a lucrative business in Assam that - ULFA has a vested interest in keeping this alive. The killings and kidnappings for ransoms has become a way of life for them who have become very rich and powerful by this activity. Here is a sketch of a hindi speaking couple, leaving the land they had worked and made their home for so long,fearing the threats from ULFA to their own village in UP,to start life afresh.Hope their life there will be more peaceful and colorful as the 'pagree'on the man's head.Hope you can see the anxiety on the couple's face.
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